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If you would like to book us to play at your function, please fill in your details on the Contact form here.

To help us help you with your booking enquiry, please consider the following:

We are available to play for many types of functions - Dances, Concerts, Workshops, Weddings, Folk Festivals, Private parties, etc.

As such, no one form can cover every angle or question so here is a guide as to what we can provide, and what we expect from you.

The questions below may seem extreme however they have developed as necessary from many circumstances of incorrect expectations of both parties.

Please feel free to ask any questions that are not covered here, or to clarify any points.

PLEASE NOTE: (Excluding bookings for wedding ceilidhs, ceilidhs and parties), bookings for concerts, bookings for balls and dances for the RSCDS and Scottish Country Dancing, will ONLY BE ACCEPTED on the condition that a tuned, well maintained acoustic piano of no more than 15 years old is provided for use at the engagement. 

1. What size is the venue?

2. How many people do you expect?

3. Will amplification equipment be required at this function?

4. Who will provide the PA system? We have our own small system.

5. When does the function start and finish?

6. How and when can we get access to the function prior to start time, so we can set up?

7. How long after the function finishes will we have to pack up any equipment?

8. Do you have enough space at the venue for us to set up in? We need approximately 15-20 square metres

9. Can we get a vehicle close by so we can unpack and carry PA equipment?

10. Is there a power point close by, which will not have foot traffic over a power lead?

11. Do you have a real piano? Upright or Grand?

12. How long since it was tuned to concert pitch?

13. Does the piano have all its keys, pedals etc?

14. Do you have some ideas about our actual playing time?

15. If a meal is part of the function have you included us?

16. Where is the function? Number, Street, Suburb/ Town.

17. Is this a private or public space?

18. We can provide the best Scottish fiddle/ piano music in Australia.

19. Our music will be played at an appropriate volume for the function.

Our aim is to help you and your function succeed, so please ask if there is something you require, we will do our very best to help.

Our fee is dependent on many things, addressing the points above will help us to negotiate an appropriate fee.

Thank you for your time. We hope to be entertaining you soon!


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